Month: April 2016

LIP-INK® Prism Shine Moisturizers Create

LIP-INK® Prism Shine Moisturizer creates a  moist silky feeling lighting your lips with natural crystals. Complete your ceremonial lip color application with a final application of vibrant color hydration. LIP INK® Prism Shine Lip Moisturizer protects, moisturizes, hydrates and acts as a base conditioner when applied under LIP INK® Lip Color adding a beautiful sheen of color and highlight. A light layer of LIP INK® Prism Shine Lip Moisturizer on top creates a moist silky feeling, lighting up your lips with natural crystals. A more generous application transforms into a high prism gloss shine.

LIP INK® Prism Shine Lip Moisturizer contains age-fighting anti-oxidants, vitamins and moisturizers that hydrate, soothe and condition your lips. Natural light reflectors ease the signs of sun damage. A transparent body of rainbow iridescent color, in Green and Blue light up your lips and keep them drenched with moisture.

All LIP INK® Prism Shine Lip Moisturizers can be layered with any of LIP INK®’s over 100 other wax-free lip moisturizers – and can be applied under or over all LIP INK® Liquid Lip Colors.

Made from natural, organic ingredients, LIP INK® Prism Shine Lip Moisturizers are completely wax free. LIP INK® Prism Shine Lip Moisturizers are designed for the lips, but can be used creatively – and safely – in your hair, on your eyelids, or even on your face.


Color in your world this concept is part

Color in your world this concept is part of the ancient Chinese design technique Feng Shui. Did you know color affects our moods, health and the way we think? Here are Mind, body, spirit charts representing the seven chakras and the Colors associations with Our Chakra Energy Centers: Warm colors regenerate & increase circulation, Cool colors relax and calm & balance.

Check out the LIP DIVA Inventor Alchemis

Check out the LIP DIVA Inventor Alchemist Pioneer A true journey… eBook by Rose Nichols

Rose Nichols, a California-born inventor, single mother of one daughter, twice married, spiritual seeker, Bohemian artist, vegetarian, industry innovator, inspirational speaker, and a successful President & CEO who combines her artistic vision, tenacious spirit, and business savvy into her semi-permanent cosmetics company LIP INK® International.

She managed to create the only 24-7 wearable, wax-less, Smearproof, multi-patented makeup line.

Rose shines in her demonstrable splendor of magic, beauty, and wonder in providing an endless choice of colors. Not only did she create what just might be the most original color line on the planet to date, but she also inspires woman to be unique and creative in their own personal beauty. Rose wants all women to experience being an original, one-of-a-kind goddess with her own unique color on her lips.