Month: May 2016

LIP-INK® has over 135 LIP INK® moisturiz

LIP-INK® has over 135 LIP INK® moisturizers that can be used in this layering process. They are all natural, free of chemicals and wax of any sort!


LIP-INK® has tinted Shine Moisturizers,

LIP-INK® has tinted Shine Moisturizers, and Brilliant Tinted Shine Moisturizer volumizers (lip plumpers) that add yet another icing on the cake, choice to your pallet. Depending on whether you use them over, under or in between layers you will create a different look.

Another popular choice in the LIP-INK® l

Another popular choice in the LIP-INK® layering process is using our Charkas colors. When layered they provide the earth tone aspect of colors.
The 7 sheer pastel Chakra colors are Arcturian Pink, Hathor Brown, Martian Grey, Pleiadian Blue, Reptilian Green, Sirian Violet and Venusian Flesh. These colors are best used under or over Lip Ink Colors to darken or lighten color. Also, use on the lids-apply directly on the lids with the applicator or apply with finger, dust any of our MAGIC POWDERS over them to create extra-durable eye shadow! Time to look and feel your very best.