Just two LIP-INK® lip colors can create

Just two LIP-INK® lip colors can create as many as 14 lip colors by layering. The LIP-INK® layering process is accomplished by applying the lip coloring in three layers, it is through this process that new colors are achieved.
-The first application of color can be accompanied by two more layers of the same color giving you two intensities of the value of the first layer, originally applied. This is our most basic layering process. By adding a second LIP-INK® liquid lip color, you increase the color choices dramatically, because one color over another is different when reversed. Pink over Rose is different than Rose over Pink.
-Two layers instead of three will look different and one layer of color is yet another choice.
-One layer can be followed by two layers of Clear LIP-INK® color for the longest staying power, because we always recommend that you apply the color in three layers.
https://www.lipink.com/LIP-INK-Layering-Kits-p/laki.htm http://ow.ly/i/jxMb6


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