Month: November 2016

Get a Free Trial Lip Kit With Any Purcha

Get a Free Trial Lip Kit With Any Purchase!



LIP INK® has three generations of loyal US AND International customers. When LIP INK® Translucent Tint for the lips, face and eyelids, was announced, it was a given, that Translucent Tint Hybrid lip face and eyelid Color Roll On would be a hit.

Translucent Tint was designed for your everyday needs and for every occasion, whether it’s night or day. The great news about the new LIP INK® Hybrid Color Roll On, is that it works for all ethnicities and ages. They can also be layered with any of LIP INK® 100% smear proof liquid lipsticks. Best of all, is its ease of use when applying to your lips, cheeks and eyelids. You don’t even need a mirror to put it on. It stays put where you apply it and you forget you have it on. LIP INK® Translucent Tint does not have the “tacky thick lipstick feel” due to its weightless, sheer and long lasting formula. 22 years in the making, LIP INK® Translucent Lip Tint Roll on comes in 4 easy roll on colors, Bronzie, Pinkish, Plumish and Orangie. Lip Ink recommends that you test drive all four colors.

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